We are the only team in Brno providing BJJ and MMA trainings for kids! BJJ trainings are suitable for kids 6-14 yo, who like sport and learning new stuff. BJJ classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 16:00, MMA trainings are suitable for kids 12yo and older and they attend the classes with adults – Monday and Wednesday 17:30.

Children train in friendly enviroment under supervision of a coach with pedagogical education. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu differs from Judo specifically by highly developed ground game.

Our kid-fighters regularly compete at both local and international competitions.

MMA trainings for kids respect health security, without full-contact punches to head. Trainings focus on attitude to martial arts, physical condition and martial arts ethic (respect, humility, controlling agression).

Kids can join us any time of the year.

Price: 1 month: 1000 czk, 1 lesson: 100 czk
Bank account: 2701485927/2010

For more information please contact Wiking Gold Team headcoach: +420607985470