C - beginners, B - intermediate, A - advanced

Price list

1 entry

10 entries

1 month - unlimited number of entries for all training types (BJJ/MMA)
*1 month ticket is valid only for current month, will be paid at 1st training in the month





Personal training of BJJ/MMA
400CZK /60min + entry 70CZK/person or ownership of monthly season ticket
Bank account

BJJ and MMA – from 2nd September 2019

Lidická 27
602 00, Brno
press *287 on keyboard next to the door and wait for opening
it is number 4 (KIWI) in the elevator
The door to our gym is on the right-hand side (sharing the floor with KIWI)
Coach: Bronislav Stříž: +420 607 985 470