bedral -wiking gold team (official video) 2021

We have a new recruitment starting on January 11th. First training for free. For more information click on the picture below.

About us

We are a martial arts team focused on Brazilian jiu-Jitsu, MMA and self-defence. The team was founded by bjj black belt and seitedo brown belt holder Bronislav Stříž in 2016. We belong to a world-wide spread Gold Team family, founded by BJJ and MMA legend Jorge “Macaco” Patino. Our team is a part of polish Linke Gold Team, represented by Mariuz “Manolo” Linke and his brother Maciej “Lobo” Linke. Headquarters of the team is in Brno, there is also an affiliate in Opava.

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Wiking Gold Team is more than just a club. Great atmosphere, nice people who don’t need to prove their ego and an experienced coach who can always help and give advice. Highly recommended.

In Brno, I have already tried a few martial art clubs and I also attended trainings led by various coaches. As a main problem I perceive that if you are an adult who wants to learn a practical sport and you choose traditional martial art, people don’t take you seriously and they don’t put much effort into your training. It is a very long journey and unless you start as a child you don’t have to get to such a good level. If you, after considering this fact, decide to learn a modern martial art you may encounter many different problems – e.g. a small gym with many “novice fighters” and one coach who cannot handle that amount of people. In these clubs people come and go all the time, so it’s safe to say that it is a kind of consumerism. With its mass policy the tuition is not very individual and you leave the place with a head as big as a balloon, full of techniques you cannot use. This year I had the opportunity to try MMA classes at Dornych 102. I like the accessibility of the club, its size, equipment and schedule. Before the training you can spend some time in a small fitness centre at the back of the gym. Brona explains techniques clearly showing each of them couple of times to make sure all students understand. This style of teaching really suits me so as that brona goes around the class correcting the mistakes. Moreover, he has interesting competition results and much experience. If you train regularly you will become a part of a team of nice people with a feeling that you really belong there, so you do not attend the classes like a random person. Finally who wouldn’t like to become a Viking? J