Brona started his martial arts journey by the age of 11, when he started to learn aikido (2.kyu). Later he also started to train seitedo and muay thai. In 2009 he started to learn BJJ under Brazilian master Fernando Araujo (Jungle BJJ). Since then he attended many seminars and training camps under various masters of the sport. He recieved his seitedo brown belt in 2010. In 2016 he founded his own academy - Wiking Gold Team. After 10 years of training he receieved BJJ black belt from his masters (Linke Gold Team headcoach) Mariusz and Maciej Linke. Since 2010 he acts as martial arts coach and his students win medals at international BJJ and NOGI grappling competitions. He regularly competes at IBJJF tournaments and he leads BJJ, MMA and self-defence seminars.